Residential Architectural Design, For All Your Residential Architectural Design Requirements.WELCOME TO LIVING DESIGN:

Who we are:

Living Design is a small NHBRC registered company owned by Wendy and Derry Holmes specialising in the creation of beautiful homes, typically from old and ordinary houses.

Whilst they also take on the building of new houses, Wendy’s passion lies in the transformation of houses from ordinary to spectacular, her main strength being her vision and ability to see potential in old buildings and to creatively convert them to suit her clients’ needs.

She is also a very ‘hands on’ project manager thereby ensuring surprisingly short construction programmes but at the same time controlling quality and cost


Sandra Bold:

"I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone who wants to build or renovate. We spent 3 years interviewing architects, builders and designing ourselves. And there didn’t seem to be an affordable solution to fixing our strangely designed, old, face-brick home."































































Many future homeowners have pictures in their minds which they have been dreaming about for years. All very exciting but when reality sets in and things start coming together, careers, family, etc. these dreams need to be realised and rooted in actualities. Questions need to be asked about things like where to build and especially what to build. It is essential to bring an experienced architect on board as soon as possible so that no time, energy or money is invested in impractical ideas or even illegal ideas. The architect who has been doing this job for years will be able to avoid all the pitfalls which could waste so much time. In the building trade a delay could cost significantly more than you bargained for. Each city has rules and regulations that must be adhered to in order to get the plans approved. If building in a complex there are often minimum specifications laid down as to roofing types, colour, etc. If you are extending your existing home in a residential area careful note must be taken of the criteria set for your particular property. There are often clauses that prohibit more than a certain percentage coverage and if this is not factored in from the start the plans have to be adjusted, resulting in extra expense and delayed building. Sometimes there is a long waiting period when plans are submitted to the council so to resubmit means more delays. Your architect has knowledge of how things are done in their specific areas so it is always a good idea to find an architect familiar with the area concerned. 

An old house just needs someone who has the ability to picture the potential possibilities for the spaces to design a new look. This is why we have architects, who have been designing for years, available to guide and inspire the homeowners to renovate.  At a much lower cost than building from the start your home can be transformed into a dream home. There are many companies out there that offer solutions to ensure that your home can be transformed into a beautiful and practical living space. Areas in the home that serve no useful purpose can be re-purposed fairly easily and quickly at minimal cost and aggravation to the homeowners. Passages can be used for specific reasons such as a library housing all the books as well as a reading nook, etc. Corners of the rooms are available for displays and blank walls can be used for family photographs. Just contact the residential property architects to assist you with planning as this will save you money and time in the long run. Reliable architectural designers will always have websites where you can find pictures of their previous clients' homes, usually with before and after photos.  References should not be hard to follow up so that you can have peace of mind.